Cooking on a budget? We can help you save money!

Did you know that paying for your weekly food shop is one of your largest household expenses? If you’re looking to make your money go further every month, cooking on a budget could be the best way!

We will be running a series of articles to help you cook effectively on a budget. This week we will be looking at

 Special Offers! Special Offers. Are they really that special?

You know what it’s like. You get to the supermarket and every aisle is screaming
SPECIAL OFFERS. Nearly 40% of items that we buy from the supermarkets are promotional offers. Yet are these offers really thrifty bargains?

  • Check the Unit Pricing
    A good way to see if you are getting the best value for money is to check the unit pricing. This is the little tag under the item and will show you the price per unit (in Kg’s, ml’s etc).  This is a good way to check whether items of different sizes are good value for money.
  • Price Cuts- but is it really?
    You’ve seen the signs, 30% off, was £40 now £25. You name it, supermarkets do it. Yet often, there hasn’t actually been a price reduction. There are times when an item was marked at a higher price for a short time before, meaning that you are actually only paying normal price. Supermarkets often price things higher for a short period then reduce the cost. You might think you’re getting a bargain but actually you’re paying normal price.
  • Multibuys- get one free? Why not?
    These are your classic Buy One, Get One Free offers. if you need more than one of a particular item then these offers can save you money. If not,  you are spending more money for no reason, think milk, fruit, it all goes off very quickly!  Sometimes retailers will increase the single unit price during a promotion to make these offers appear more attractive.
  • Packaging
    Sometimes bigger packs are often labelled as a ‘Value Pack. ’ This makes you think it will be cheaper overall.  However, sometimes it is cheaper to buy smaller packs! Its time consuming but it’s good practice to check the unit pricing (above) to compare the  price.

Should you have any concerns or questions regarding food poverty and how it might be affecting you please tap the chat button and speak to one of our Dosh Mentors.


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