7 handy tips for cooking on a budget

1. Work out how much money you’re spending each month
That way, you can identify items you can cut back on. And yes, I do mean that cheeky latte from Starbucks.
2. Check what’s in you cupboards
Before shopping, always check to see what you already have at home. Do you really need three jars of marmite?
3. Make a list
A good tip is to write out all your meals for the week and extract ingredients from your planned meals. You will avoid buying unnecessary items that increase your weekly food shop.
4. Shop around
Whilst it might be easier to get everything from one place, it can often be cheaper to buy your weekly shop from a number of different locations.  Also don’t forget your local market and butcher, often sell produce for less than in a supermarket and can recommend cheaper cuts of meat that you may not be aware of.
5. Beware of special offers
Our previous article highlights how many ‘special offers’ don’t actually save you money!
6. Don’t impulse buy
Keep to your list and think carefully about adding the extra item to your shopping basket.
7. Make the most of Vouchers and Cashback Apps
Discounts and vouchers can go a long way with your monthly finances. Cashback Apps can be downloaded to your smart phone and can be used to give you money back on items that you are buying. Remember, it is only a saving if it is on your shopping list!

If you need further help with your finances and managing budgets tap on the chat button and speak to one of our mentors.





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